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OGC has 300 full memberships and 50 summer memberships each season. Currently, we are at capacity for both levels and there is approximately a 3+ year waitlist to become an OGC member. Those enrolled on the waitlist will be offered a summer membership when one becomes available. Summer members are offered a full membership when such become available (1-2 years after becoming a summer member).


Each season, membership enrollment will first be offered to returning full members, then to returning summer members, and then to those on the waiting list. New summer memberships will be offered to those on the waitlist in chronological order based on waitlist registration date.

2024 Annual Dues

Full Member - Family $875                      Summer Member - Family $1025

Full Member - Single $625                      Summer Member - Single $675


Waiting List

A non-refundable $100 registration fee is required to hold a spot on the OGC waitlist. This fee is credited towards your first summer's member dues.  The waitlist is not specific to a certain season.  We cannot make a guarantee as to when you will receive an offer, but currently, the wait time is approximately 3+ years.

To add your name to the OGC waiting list, click here.

**You will need to create an Active account if you don't have one.

August Membership

OGC offers a limited number of August Guest memberships to those on the OGC waiting list. 

August Guest Membership enrollment opens late June/ early July each summer, and spots are sold on a first-come, first served basis. August members may NOT bring guests to the Club, nor may they reserve the barn for parties. Participation in August membership has no bearing on one's status on the waiting list.

For 2024 Season: August membership is $400

2 Levels of Membership:

Full Member

Full membership guarantees you a lifetime place at OGC, so long as your membership is kept in good standing (see below). Memberships may not be sold or transferred. Family memberships include all residents of a household, including live-in grandparents, children and caregivers. 

Your one-time initiation fee of $990 and annual dues make you a part-member of the Club and entitles you to use of the pool, tennis courts, and facilities during operating hours; participation in Club social events; five (5) free guest passes per season (additional passes cost $7.50 each); enrollment of children on the swim and/or dive teams and instructional tennis programs (additional fees apply); a family vote on pool issues; and eligibility to serve on the pool’s Board of Directors. Full members may reserve space in the clubhouse (barn) for parties and other events (fees apply). See Party Reservations page. 


Full members are required to keep their membership in good standing each season. This is accomplished by either paying one's season dues by the due date (active status) or placing one's membership on hold (inactive status; fees apply). If your membership is inactive you do not have use of the pool facilities or rights to any membership privileges for that season.


Membership Hold: Full members may place their membership on hold for a single season for a fee of $350. This may be done up to three (3) times during a membership.


Resignation: Should you choose to terminate your membership, $150 of your initiation fee is refundable as long as the pool membership is at capacity. Those wishing to resign from the Club should do so by emailing

Full Member
Summer Membership

Summer Membership

Summer membership in the Old Georgetown Club is available to individuals and families who would like to try the Club out for one year, or until a full membership spot is available and offered. Once a full membership position becomes available, a summer member will be required to accept or decline the full membership position. If accepted, the one-time initiation fee, plus annual dues, is due.


If declined, the summer member will not be able to return the following season. However, the member may place himself/herself on the wait list to become a summer member anew based on availability. (At this time there is an approximate 3+ year wait list to become a summer member.)


Summer members enjoy full use of the Club’s facilities and social events, and may participate in the Club's swim/dive teams and instructional tennis (additional fees apply).


Summer members may not vote, are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, and may not place their membership on hold. Summer members do not receive guest allowances, but may purchase guest passes for $7.50 each. Summer members may also reserve space in the clubhouse on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any further questions please send an e-mail to

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