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General Lot

   Members and guests may park anywhere in the general lot that is not marked with a "No Parking" sign.  The only reserved space in the general lot is the easy access space for people with disabilities possessing the appropriate placard or license plate.  The gate to OGC's lot is locked every day at closing.  Any vehicle left in the lot after closing may not be able to exit until opening the following day.

Access Road

   Please do not drive into the access road that runs from the main lot to the tennis courts on the south (left) side of the property without prior permission from pool management (e.g., dropping off or picking up heavy equipment in connection with volunteer activities).  All parking spaces along the access road are reserved for coaches, employees, and the OGC Board at all times.

Michaels Drive

   Please do not park along the north side of the first block of Michaels Drive (the first street to the south of OGC off Fernwood) at any time, particularly during swim and dive meets.       

Fernwood Road

   Please mind the cones set up at the entrance from Fernwood during events.  Keeping the marked spaces open is vital to maintaining sufficient line of sight for those exiting the parking lot and safe entry and exit in general.       


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